1st Post – Live Boy!

Over five years ago I was scared.  As my wife and I sat in the Dr’s office I thought I’d heard the death sentence as it was explained that carcinoma was indeed cancer. 

From there, it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.  But, I’ve learned it is not necessarily so.  It is a “life” sentence, but that ain’t all bad! 

I hope this blog helps me capture some of the stories with the emotions and lessons learned. 

I plan to write about what I’ve learned.  What I did or am doing about the obstacle or opportunity.   I plan to write about my views health, finding a Dr., relationships, diet, exercise, depression, inspiration, music, and things that matter to me.   
Thank you for stopping by,


9 thoughts on “1st Post – Live Boy!

      1. Good luck, it’s tough! However, we need more stories about patients rather than black & white striped animals – so well done 😆

  1. Mark,
    Welcome to the club of those with carcinoid who blog about it.
    It is an important way of releasing our feelings about having this disease and also raising the public consciousness of the disease.

    Best of luck,

  2. Hi, I am on my way to start my blog. You are right, hearing from others with carcinoid cancer is very important. I had a pretty bad experience recently when diagnosed. It was treated like it was a simple lump, remove and go on like nothing ever happened. That was the diagnosis by my ignorant surgeon. I am finally in the right medical hands and reading your blogs is what has given me hope. Now I know I am not alone in this ordeal and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I was wondering a few months ago what my main purpose in life was, have a family and live retirement? Now I know there is a lot to do with my wonderful life. I will devote a good part if my life to help create awareness. I will help those with questions and like me, do not know where to start when diagnosed. This is when we realize technology is wonderful. Thanks for the blogs!!! Rch

    1. Good luck Rch! It is quite a roller coaster ride of a disease!

      Sorry to hear about the misdiagnosis at the start.

      If I can pass on a tip, it is to develop a crappy memory. Its forgiveness by default. Keep looking forward on that purpose! And use your new vision and experience to help develop it into a mission. Cheers!

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