182.5 My New Mantra

I’m sitting in a hospital waiting for the 2d round of Lu177 PRRT for NET Cancer.  It is a £16,000 shot designed to stun the tumors around my body. 

The plan is for the octreotide laced with Lutetium (radioactive isotope) goes directly to the tumors, and kills them.  Or, at least keeps them at bay for a few years.  (Long enough for immunetherapy to be developed for the next treatment)

 I’m quite a lucky boy really!  This treatment isn’t available in the US yet, only in clinical trials. My consultant is one of the world leaders in the treatment of NET cancer.

So why 182.5?  Well, if this treatment is going to have its best chance of working I need to be in the best physical shape possible.

My ideal weight is 182.5lbs.  Aka 83KG AKA 13 stone.  Also, 182.5 is exactly half a year…so, my reptilian brain should be assured of survival after 6 months of getting there.

After 182.5 I will be able to get off metformin, be gout free, and no longer be obese.  😃

2 thoughts on “182.5 My New Mantra

  1. Best of luck to you on your recovery. From a language perspective, a good direct suggestion might be “I will have the body I want”. It has a positive emphasis. Part of the trick is whatever you say to yourself needs to feel positive to have full effect, but the language is an important part of the equation.

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