Vitality (Great British 10K) and Vitamin D 

I’m on day 15 of my personal 182.5 challenge, and I’m certainly feeling benefits already. Feel good, thinner, think I can see a difference in my face, have’t blown a day on MyFitnessPal, have convinced Les to start, and feel good in the routine.

It has also been over a week since round 2 of PRRT Lu-177. And, this week has been a lot easier than after round 1.
My morning blood sugar results have been really good as well averaging around 8.0. The best test to see how well you are managing your diabetes is thr HbA1C test, but that can only be done every 60 days or so. I want some daily feedback. So, I take a morning glucose level before I eat anything. Visualuzing and aiming for 8 at 8am. No science really, but I’ve noticed that I feel good with that score. 4-8 being “normal”.
I’ve not cut anything out of this diet, except refined sugar and processed foods. I eat a lot of salad, I’ve started eating fruit again (blueberries, cherries, oranges), honey, real milk, eggs, and some red meat (but a lot less) but mostly white meat and fish. Plus, some potatoes, pasta, and wholegrain bread. These are good fuel foods. I’m learning that all sugars are not bad, and for me I think it is pretty important to layer the carbs and protein to stay level through the day.

Staying level helps a lot with reducing cravings.

One of my blood test scores I think I can improve is on Vit D. It only 50, which is boderline deficient. I’ve been taking a supplement, but after reading Vitamin D & Cancer Prevention and Battling Cancer I’m convinced suplements help but you really need good UVB rays from the sun to get the levels up in the 70-100 range. My next challenge to myself. Might see me at the tanning salon. From what i’ve read, 20 to 30 mins of midday sun on large areas of skin gets you the good rays (UVB) turned into Vit D and topped up to good levels after a few weeks. The few articles I’ve read indicate you can’t do it with diet or supplements alone. Makes sense to me. Overexposure to the sun (harmful UVA rays) is still bad though. Recommend you read the article linked above.

Interesting relationship between gout and Vit D as well Gout & Vit D. So, Vit D can help me in a few ways! My Uric acid score is 460, and that is a month after my first gout attack. My first Uric acid score a couple weeks ago was 438. Weird, since I’d expected it to drop with how extra healthy I’m eating. I think this may be a result of the treatment and it might be a good number (cell recovery after radiation). So, I will still limit foodsthat are high in purine, but expect this score to be much better at the 182.5 point.

Today I start training for the Vitality Great British 10K. Les and I will be running for the NET Patient Foundation.  It is 12 Jul, and have kicked off the fundraising.  Mark & Lesley Just Giving Page

I ran it last year, and Lesley ran at least as far as I did to spot me at several locations. Lately, she’s lost a bit of confidence in how strong she is, and I’m hoping this is a real boost to her as our whole family needs her strength. And, when I say “whole”, she needs it as well.



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