Mantra Update – Day 36, Feeling Better Still

36 days in to my 182.5 mantra and I’m feeling better still.  Very positive!  

Today is also the 1/2 way scan day (MRI and CT) to check the progress of the Lu-177 PRRT I’m having at the Wellington Hospital in London for the NET cancer I currently have.  (BTW, thanks Ronny for the “scanxiety” word.  Helped me put the scans back in perspective).

Here are some stats on my progress:

Lost about 1.82 Lbs from the last weight check at 18 days.  Right on schedule.

I ran over 20KM last week with my avg speed of 7.1 min/KM.  Down from 7.5 min/KM.

On weights, I’ve moved to the big boy dumbell rack.  Noticed it on the golf course too.

On music, we have a 8 song “soul” set laid out for the big gig in July.

Mental attitude.  Very positive!  Working on how I react instead of events.  On a happy meter, I’d say 7 out of 10.  (10 being Xmas morning as a 7 year old and 1 being informed your cancer is inoperable).

I think I’ve made an impact on at least four people in the last 18 days on getting their mindset going in the positive direction.  

Off to walk the dogs now, before the drive into London.  



WOD:  Enlighten

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