Day 37 – Are you f’ing kidding me?

Wasn’t planning on a blog post today.  

But, that changed when I woke up with a super short fuse, ready to fight about anything!  

Was I in a “Positive mind”?  My ass!  

I wanted to get in the car and drive an hour and a half up the A1 to Hooters Nottingham for a couple dozen chicken wings and an eyefull of boobs!

What’s the f’ing point of this “mantra” bullshit?  

Yep, it was a rough morning.  Checked the blood…7.7 (damn, “normal”… “Normal person normal”).  

Hmmm, maybe this is working?  

(Self talk “If you pull this back, get a grip….you’ll be able to go to Hooters any time”…”because you’ll be alive”). 
I said to myself, “walk the dogs”…”play some golf with Alan”…”lift some weights”… “do some cardio”…”meet with my GP about high uric acid levels, and tell him my plan”…”mow the yard”…”grill some burgers”….”and if you feel like this tomorrow we are off to Nottingham”.

Well, its bedtime.  I did all those things.  I’m feeling better.  I feel exhausted actually.  I’ve pulled back the ANT’s today. (win)  But, I wouldn’t be surprised if a trip up North is coming soon (win win)!
Anybody want to come with me?   


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