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Day 41, Status – and explanation to a alternative medicine expert on what I’m doing.

Here is a message I’ve sent to a friend who sent a suggestion on Essiac Tea to me.

I looked it up and, din’t think it is right for me.  

I feel really blessed to have friends looking out for me, and I’ve been wrestling with how to gracefully address advice.  

I think I’ve come up with a “compromise”.  Explain exactly what my plan is and where I think I need help.  

BTW, my friend is well versed in Reiki and diet (specifically, how to get Ph levels right).  


Thank you for the tip on Essiac Tea. Looking at http://www.cancertutor.com/essiac/ it doesn’t look like a recommended option. I’m not new (7 years since diagnosis) and I’ve had almost my limit of radiation and surgery isn’t an option any longer.

What does the tea do?
I’m doing pretty well at the minute. Diet, exercise, visualization (be ready for the immunotherapy cure that is coming in about 4 years), and targeted radiation therapy lu-177.
My challenge at the minute is getting to my ideal weight. Where I’m genetically to be. (83KG) 
I’m shooting for 9 Nov. the end of my 182.5 mantra I’ve set up. 83Kg =182.5Lbs 182.5 days should be long enough to get there at a healthy/safe rate. Reptilian brain training as well…haha!
Also I’m training to get stronger and have more stamina to increase my resilience.
My problems at the minute seams to be uric acid. Diet, cell death, and chemo are pushing my scores up into high levels. The uric acid has caused 2 gout attacks so far. Painful! But, i wonder what the uric crystals are doing to my kidneys. I need my kidneys to stay strong (obviously) but at least functional enough to handle the (PRRT).  
I was also deficient in Vit D a little over 2 months ago.
So far, my uric acid scores in 41 days into getting serious have went from 
349 to 546 (2weeks after a rd of PRRT) to 512 (5 weeks after). I’ve met with my GP on taking Allopurinol to reduce this level. But it works by blocking enzymes that breakdown purines into uric acid. I would think this is the way the body gets rid of dead cells. Something I want (dead cancer cells).   

My Vitamin D scores have risen from <50 (deficient) to 86 a month ago(pretty good). I’m aiming for staying in the range of 70-100. 

I just reread your messages you sent me on raising my ph levels. 

I’ve cut out foods high in purine, and I’m drinking a lot of water. And, i expect the levels to all be good and balanced at the end of my 182.5 day program.  

Make any sense?