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Mantra Update Day 25 – I Feel Great!  (Just kidding, its a piece about how I love playing music in my kitchen)

Day 25 of my 182.5 mantra.  Feel great!  Morning blood sugar at 6:45 was 8.2.  (I was up at 6:45?  So, I’m sure it would have neen below 8 at 0815.  Note:  between 4 & 8 is “normal person normal”.)

Ran 6K yesterday,  and started to push the pace a bit.  My goal is to run 3K splits of…wait for it…18.25 mins.  Is that clever or what?  My pace yesterday was about 21 mins.  It will happen!   (Yawn…hang in there, the music story is coming)

I’m also really enjoying lifting weights again.  Its been several years.  I’m focusing on feeling stronger with a stronger core.  (Double yawn)

My diet is in full swing!  I really seem to have it balanced right now.  You can follow me on “myfitnesspal” if you’d like specifics.  Its starting to show in the mirror and with how my clothes fit.  (Nap time?)

Blah, blah, blah….the real reason for this post is –

Last night, I had a 3 1/2 hour music session with a friend I’ve been visualizing singing with for a couple years now.  Finally, our calendars finally lined up with some spare time.

In my studio (kitchen) I had Spotify, youtube, the “Ultimate-Guitar” app, iphone, five binders full of paper “Books of Dreamz” tab, appleTV, my Martin Guitar, JamMan loop pedal, Bose L1 PA, Scottie Dog “Dexter”, kettle and tea bags, a Hungarian au pair, and a few cell phones all in sync and in top form.

 We came up with about 12 songs for a set we could have “pub ready” very soon!  Loads of stuff I’d never really played before in a bluesy and jazzy and in a “perfect pitch” way.  From KT Tunstall to MJ to Coldplay to The Commitments.
I’ll tell you what…you see a lot about diet, exercise, medical innovations, alternative medicine, meditation, etc (and they are crucial to fighting cancer)…but for me, nothing lets me escape dealing with cancer like playing music!

I guess it all started wIth carcinoid syndrome that hadn’t been diagnosed.

I was on the toilet so much I started taking a guitar with me, and taught myself how to play.  (Please don’t visualize!)

Over the next few posts I’m going to cover that time period until now. Where presently, I gig a couple times a month with my band “The Acoustic Supper Club”.  The gigs are fun, but it is the sessions where we jam on new music I really enjoy.

I think I’ve finally figured out what I can bring to the blog world.

Stay “Tuned” (pun intended)… Ok, that’s it…time to post!


Mark aka “Zwanny”

(Look for me at zwanny63 on these sites, and you can see my playlists)